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Rigol 4 csat. Oszcilloszkóp reklam1
50MHz / 4csat / 1GS/s Ár: 113.990 Ft+ÁFA
Csatlakozók a világ vezető gyártóitól
UNI-T Labortápegység reklam3
3 csat./ 2x0-32V(3A) / 5V(2A),Ár:47.906 Ft+ÁFA
LCD kijelzők

Alfanumerikus és garfikus LCD kijelzők kedvező áron!

Fő szállítók

Siglent SHS806
kézi oszcolloszkóp
2 cs. / 60 MHz / 1GS/s, Ár: 119.950 Ft+ÁFA
SzigetelÊs ellen�ll�s vizsg�l�
Ár: 29.116 Ft+�FA
Digitális kézi oszcilloszkóp és multiméter
20MHz / 2 csat. / 100Ms/s, Ár:120.042 Ft + ÁFA

Bluetooth serial port plug - F2M01

The serial interface RS-232 is widely used in both industry and office environments. Free2move offers a solution, whereby the serial cable is replaced by a wireless link based on the Bluetooth wireless technology.

The F2M01 plug can be applied to almost every application that currently uses cables for serial communication. If throughput and latency requirements are met, it is simply to connect the plug to the serial interface. The Ad Hoc connectivity will give you the serial link as soon as the communicating devices are within range of each other.

The F2M01 supports the serial port profile and is interable with PDAs, laptops and other Bluetooth devices supporting this profile. Examples of possible applications are:
  • Embedded systems
  • Stand alone sensors
  • Computer peripherals
  • Domestic and industrial appliances
Free2move offers OEM usage and customization of the Serial Port Plug.

The (F2M01) Serial Port Plug integrates a Bluetooth module in very dense packing. A class 1 Bluetooth solution is used offering a nominal range of approximately 100m. No external drivers are needed to use the plug. A user-friendly Windows application is included that can be used to configure the plug to suit your requirements.

The software you have developed for your serial ports can remain unchanged when using the paired serial cable plugs. Windows software for configuring the Serial Port Plug is delivered for free.

More information
Brief datasheet (PDF file, 49 kb)
Datasheet (PDF file, 1419 kb)